Tying instructions for the Estaz October Caddis Pupae.

Hook: Dai-Riki # 270 Size 4-8 or similar
Thread: Burnt Orange
Body: Orange Petite Estaz
Legs: Hen hackle
Head: Black fur dubbing

1. Tie in Petite Estaz at bend of hook.
2. Wind tying thread to front portion of hook
3. Wrap Estaz forward 3/4 of the shank length being careful to coax fibers to orient themselves towards hook bend.
4. Tie in hen hackle and make 1-2 wraps and tie off.
5. Spin black fur dubbing onto tying thread, make 4-5 wraps and build up head, tie off.
6. Pick out some fibers from dubbed head.
7. Whip finish and add a drop of head cement to finish.

Variations: Use light orange Estaz for body.
You can also substitute a black bead head for fur dubbing.

I like to fish this fly upstream and also use the traditional wet fly swing as well.

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